Dan Gilroy - US 2014 - OmU
Lou Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) has his very own idea of the American Dream - he is convinced that the good things only come to those who ambitiously work their asses off. According to his motto you can only win the lottery if you have money for a lottery ticket. But Lou doesn't really want to make it with his dream job, which is why he keeps his head above water as a crook with petty thefts. After an intensive unsuccessful job search, he is so desperate that he, armed with a camera, sells pictures of accidents, crimes and murders to a local TV station as a freelancer. After his contributions as a cameraman are well received by the editor-in-chief Nina (Rene Russo), he plunges further and further into the underworld of L.A. in search of sensational and relentless footage where no one can look away. Chaos and human suffering are converted into cash in the cutthroat blood-and-tear business of "Nightcrawling". Driven by a desperate urge for recognition and success, Lou uses increasingly dubious methods to climb further into the abyss - and soon threatens to end up as a spicy headline himself...
07. Januar 2020 
20.00 UHR