MYStery Train
Jim Jarmusch -  US, J 1989 - OmU
Written and directed by the ever-unpredictable Jim Jarmusch, MYSTERY TRAIN is comprised of three short anecdotes involving foreign tourists in Tennessee. Each story is set in a fleabag Memphis hotel which has been redressed as a "tribute" to  Elvis Presley. Story one involves two Japanese tourists whose devotion to '50s American rock music blinds them to everything around them. Story two finds eternal victim Luisa (Nicoletta Braschi) sharing a room with stone-broke Dee Dee (Elisabeth Bracco) and having her problems solved by a spectral vision of the King. And story three offers the further misadventures of Dee Dee, her no-good boyfriend, and her dysfunctional family.
MYSTERY TRAIN was shown in Cannes Film Festival 1989 and won as the best artistic contribution.
7. Juni 2019
22.30 uhR
off broadway Kino Köln