Paul Thomas Anderson - US 2014 - OmU
​​​​​​​Los Angeles 1970: Private detective and drug lover Larry "Doc" Sportello (Joaquin Phoenix) is amazed when his ex-girlfriend Shasta (Katherine Waterston) is suddenly on the mat with him one night. She tells him about her affair with the billionaire Mickey Wolfmann (Eric Roberts) and the plan of his wife Sloane (Serena Scott Thomas) and their lover to kidnap the rich builder and put in a psychiatric institution. Doc should help the in love Shasta now to prevent this project. But no sooner has the investigator started his investigation, Mickey already disappears. While Doc intensifies his efforts to investigate the case, he gets to deal with his enemy former police colleague Christian "Bigfoot" Bjornsen (Josh Brolin) and more and more other dodgy characters. An undamaged escape is increasingly unlikely for Doc ...
13. August 2019 
20.00 UHR