Walter Hill - US 1979 - OV 
​​​​​​​The Warriors is the name of a dangerous gang that wields in the street canyons of New York. Between the different clans in the city there is a real territorial war for every inch of space. One day, a truce will be negotiated between the gangs, but when Cyrus (Roger Hill) is then sneakily murdered, the suspicion quickly falls on members of the Warriors and threatens a terrible war that would destroy all life in New York. The other clans get together and start chasing the scattered members of the Warriors. Swan (Michael Beck), the leader of the hunted gang, must find a way to bring himself and his people safely to Coney Island, the only place in New York where they can feel relatively safe. But how are they to find their way through the thousands of brutal thugs searching for them all over the city?
06. JuLi 2019 
22.30 UHR
Weisshaus Kino