Stanley Kubrick - US 1960- OmU
Rome in the first century before Christ. In Thrace the slave Spartacus (Kirk Douglas) must work in a quarry. Batiatus (Peter Ustinov), who lives from selling gladiators for the Roman arena fights in Capua, buys Spartacus, who is supposed to be killed because he had bitten a Roman overseer in the leg. When the Roman senator and patrician Crassus (Laurence Olivier) appears at Batiatus with his entourage, the women in particular want to see a gladiator fight. Spartacus has to fight the Ethiopian Draba (Woody Strode). When he seems already defeated, Draba refuses to kill Spartacus and goes after Crassus instead. Spartacus then decides to return to their homelands with the other slaves and his mistress and forms a whole army to go to freedom. But the power-hungry Crassus sends his legions against the rebels and a bloody battle ensues...​​​​​​​
14. März 2020
14.00 UHR
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