Joel and Ethan Coen - US  I 1994- OV
[4K Restoration]​​​​​​​
Jeffrey Lebowski aka "The Dude" (Jeff Bridges) is an eternal hippie whose sole occupation is bowling - a hobby he pursues along with his mates Walter (John Goodman) and Donny (Steve Buscemi). One day, when he becomes acquainted with a few filthy criminals through a mix-up with a multimillionaire of the same name, the "dude" becomes angry. Finally, among other things urinating on his favorite carpet. So he asks the multimillionaire for the injustice done to him a replacement, but here he bites on granite. Instead, he is torn into an absurd adventure when the wife of the wealthy namesake is abducted. The "dude" is to take care of the handover of the ransom, because they are probably the same types who had confused him with the multimillionaire.
30. JUli 2019
20.00 Uhr 
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