Stanley Kubrick - US 1957- OmU

During the First World War in 1916, the fronts on both sides became irrevocably entrenched in trench warfare. The ambitious French General Paul Mireau (George Mcready) wanted to use a surprise attack to conquer a fortified height - called the "Ant Hill" - of the Germans and thus improve his chances of an upcoming promotion. The first attack fails - not even halfway along the route large parts of the regiment have already fallen. The general rages and orders his artillery to fire on his own positions. The order is refused. Mireau decides to relieve the regiment and - on behalf of all others - puts three ordinary soldiers before a court martial for "cowardice in the face of the enemy". The brave regiment commander Colonel Dax (Kirk Douglas) takes over the defense of his men and gradually gets to know the real reasons for this order...​​​​​​​
14. märz 2020
22.30 Uhr 
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