a girl walks home alone at night
Ana Lily Amirpour - US 2014 - OmU

The teenager Arash (Arash Marandi) has worked hard for several years to afford a sports car from the 50s. He lives in Bad City, a run-down former industrial city where no law has applied for a long time. His father Hossein (Marshall Manesh) is a drug addict, gambling addict and heavily in debt. When the dealer and pimp Saeed (Dominic Rains) doesn't get his money, he steals Arash's car instead. Devastated, the boy roams the dark alleys of the Iranian ghost town, where he finally meets a mysterious and veiled girl (Sheila Vand). The stranger is a vampire. At night she pursues inhabitants, lies in wait for them and drinks their blood. But she has a heart, and that could soon beat for Arash...
25. FEBRUAR 2020
20 Uhr